If you meet Lynn Darmon in this lifetime, it is because your Soul is called to do so. I believe she is an earth angel, and has angelic assistance. She clearly has dedicated her life to helping others make sense of our life experiences here on earth. She does this by bringing her own unique, pure vibration, along with light, healing and hope, to those of us questioning and struggling with loss, sorrow and challenges. Her unconditional love for others, brings its own special form of grace to you. When we are in the presence of love, we can accept messages beyond the realm of our normal understanding, and we ourselves can then be transformed and be at peace.

Ana D.
East Lansing, MI


“I met Lynn through friends a few months ago and had no idea she was a medium. I later booked an appointment out of curiosity, as several people mentioned how fabulous she is. What a gift it was! I am still reeling from the information that came through. It was as if my parents had simply included her at one of our old dinner parties. The information was so specific to me and my family – things no one could know through Google or even through friends of mine – that I left feeling like I had gotten another chance to talk to them. The messages they provided were surprising, comforting, and welcoming to my soul. Even as Lynn shared the messages coming through, she did not understand all of them, but I did. Some messages were immediately clear to me, and others I did not fully comprehend in the moment became clear over the next several days while talking with my sisters. Yes. Deeply personal and thoroughly amazing. I am giving the gift of Lynn to my sisters as Christmas presents this year, because I want them to have the same amazing experience (and true gift) I received from Lynn. It hasn’t even been two weeks since my reading, and I am emotionally changed forever. Grateful for the experience.”

Priscilla McCarthy


Have you ever wondered about the other side? Is it real, is it not? I have always believed it was real, how could you not? But I didn’t know for sure until I had a reading with Lynn. Lynn is the most beautiful and caring person I have ever met in my life. A true Angel from above, sent to help people that are in pain, just like I was. I lost my mother who was my ONLY family member, as well as my fiancé all within 9 months of each other. During the reading that Lynn gave me, she knew too many personal things that could not be researched in any way, shape or form. My mother came during the reading. The things that my mother had told Lynn to pass on to me just blew me away! My mom wanted me to know that she is still smoking and having the time of her life in heaven, also not to worry because there is no nicotine in heaven! My mother also basically yelled at Lynn because I had an abscess tooth that she wanted me to get taken care of right away! Ironically, not even a week later, I had that tooth pulled and I didn’t even know that I had an abscess tooth. My mother also had Lynn relay the message that she is very proud of my daughter’s tattoo with her name written in Chinese on her left back of the shoulder, she thought it was so cool and unique! My fiancé that passed came through in the reading as well! He told Lynn that he was so relieved that I was not with him when he was shot. During this process, it seemed strange but Lynn kept holding onto her chest, and ironically, that was where my fiancé was shot at. What brought laughter and a smile to my face was that Lynn knew that he was short and stocky and very flirtatious. But she wanted to convey that he did love my daughters and I very much! There is a lot more I could go into detail about in this letter, but all I have to say is Lynn helped me tremendously with closure on both of the passings I had encountered in such a short period of time. I would recommend Lynn with the HIGHEST gratitude, you definitely would want to see her again.

A true Lynn believer and friend forever,

Denise Bigham
Oak Park, MI


Thank you so much for helping me know that our son Patrick did not suffer in his sudden death and that there was nothing any of us could have done to save him.  For months I have felt that maybe if someone had been there things would have turned out differently.  This has caused me much pain.  Thank you again for being so kind and understanding of my grief.   God bless you Lynn.

Barbara N.
Clinton Township, MI


…my husband and I had also met someone who could peek through the thin veil separating us from our loved ones. Her name is Lynn.

Mark was the world’s BIGGEST skeptic.

A few minutes before meeting this gal, Mark had a little “talk” with Jilly. He told her that he didn’t much believe in this “nonsense”, but if it WAS real, and it WAS truly her (Jilly), and she could somehow still communicate with him, he wanted Jilly to somehow make Lynn say one word:


We played Freebird at Jilly’s funeral and it was one of her favorite songs. For us, it symbolizes her new freedom in a spiritual body, having shed her physical one.

Mark walked into the office to meet Lynn. She introduced herself and asked his name. He said “I’m not telling! I’m not giving you any information.”
She told him to have a seat…and then told him a beautiful young woman whose name started with a J was there calling him Daddy. She said her daddy’s name was Mark. They chatted for a few minutes, and then Lynn said:
“Does Freebird mean anything to you?”

My husband, the world’s biggest skeptic, sobbed.

What a gift she gave us!

So…..Freebird has always been Jilly’s special sign to her daddy, just as the quarters are a special sign for the rest of us.

Louise Crist
Coldwater, MI


So, I wanted to share something very special with you because I believe you helped open the door.

For the first time in 8 years my husband had a very real “dream” about his dad. He was able to hug him and tell him he loved him. We have no doubt in our mind that this was him. I’m just very excited that this is happening. My husband used to be a skeptic and now he is a believer. Because he knows his dad is there he is able to connect and heal more and more.

I love what you’ve done and I’m so happy we found you.

I hope you have a great day and that the blessings you’ve showered over us is sprinkling you too.

Jamie Clark


Lynn Darmon is amazingly accurate, insightful and uplifting in her messages.  She confirmed things that were going on with me in the past and present with amazing accuracy, insight and kindness.  Her loving and supportive demeanor immediately puts people at ease.  She knew why I was there before I even asked her a question.  She works at a very deep spiritual level in addressing concerns and gives the feedback needed to serve your highest good.  She helped me to understand what I was going through presently and put things in perspective to assist me in moving towards a path that would heighten my spiritual growth. I would not have had the insight necessary to have made the changes that I needed to in my life if I did not get a deep spiritual perspective from Lynn.  She could see the people around me and the significant events in my life without me saying one word as well as the current issues that I was dealing with. She even wrote the name of the book I was wanting her feedback about before I pulled it out of my bag.  We were both laughing at that one!!!!  I have never been to a psychic before, being fairly conservative, but Lynn is the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.  She will only give you the messages you need for your highest good.

Jody G.
Farmington Hills, MI


We traveled about 2 hours to see Lynn who had been recommended by a family friend.  Five of us gathered around her table, our first experience with a Medium and each hoping there would be one message or connection with our loved one that we could validate as being special just to us (to be honest, this would also confirm to us that Lynn was legit). 

did not disappoint, actually exceeding our expectations.  During the hour and a half reading she was so gentle and kind and took time making sure that each person received a message from our dear Gretchen.  She said things that only we would know, delivering just what we needed to hear.

said a couple of different times, “I see an angel statue, what is the significance of an angel statue?”  There were several directions we could possibly go with this reference, but none seemed to be significant.  On our ride home we needed the two hours to process all that was said and experienced, feeling a sense of peace and comfort knowing Gretchen is happy in heaven, surrounding us with her love, and knowing she can still feel our love. 

The very best part though was when we arrived home, walked up the steps to my parent’s house and seeing a big concrete angel on the steps that had not been there when we left.  We just looked at each other and said, “that is the angel”!!!!! My mom didn’t know who had dropped it off at that point.  To us it didn’t matter, it was just one more validation that Gretchen was speaking to us, that she knows each time we do something to honor her. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lynn for creating this beautiful avenue to feel close to my sister again, who I miss so very much.  

Tracy W.


I want to thank you again for the wonderful gift you gave me today of connecting with my daughters Macy & Sydney who have gone to the other side. I felt such a peace and comfort with you and you were so accurate. I have already booked another reading at Louise Crist’s house in December. Knowing my daughters are with us and have a connection with their sister who is here On earth brought an enormous peace to me. You are amazing and I can’t wait to see you again. God Bless you Lynn!

Nicole D.
Coldwater, Mich.


Lynn breathes wisdom.

Lynn is an crystal-clear, open channel for Existence.
Lynn lives to spread light, clarity, beauty and love to all she meets, touches, listens to and heals.
Many people have these great gifts.
But few have fully realized them.

Even fewer have realized them and work to serve humanity in such a divine, beneficial way.
For there is only one Lynn.
May you feel her vibrations, may you be bathed, calmed and cleared in the amazing light she brings us all.

Paul M.
St. Louis, MO.


Lynn brings comfort to each person she reads. I have personally witnessed a grieving parent come out of a reading with her absolutely beaming….the joy, love and peace knowing that their beloved child is still around, still able to communicate, safe and loved. You can’t imagine the difference it makes in the process until you have had a reading yourself. She is compassionate, kind and very accurate in the information she is hearing from the other side. I would highly recommend her!

Louise C.
Coldwater, MI


Alicia Stillman sent a donation to the National Meningitis Association in memory of her daughter, Emily on your behalf.  She told me that you have a special gift, and your session brought her peace.

For those of us who have lost children, that is what we hope for.

My Best,
Lynn Bozof, President
National Meningitis Association


You are such an awesome person!!!! Thank you for being able to contact our nephew!!!! It gave us soo much comfort especially for my sister!!! I think she will be able to heal now and be able to smile and find some joy in her life without Ryan!!!

Anita K.


Thank you so much for the reading. I left feeling lighter and more at peace with the the passing of my beautiful son Ryan. Thank you again, you are truly an amazing person with a wonderful gift. You are an Angel on earth!!!

Robin G.



What a blessing you have been to my family and I! You have a true gift, and we are all in awe of your ability to pass on messages that’ve brought us so much peace and comfort, as well as the validation that dear Shane is at peace. You are a remarkable human being!

Neil Tournoux
Columbus OH


After our Reading with Lynn in which our Mother came through, there was a sense of relief and we knew that the gift that Lynn possesses is a true gift. We knew and believed this because the connections that she was able to make and the timelines were true to form. Further, a lot of what she revealed are definitely things our mom would say to us and about us. This was our first encounter with a Medium but it was an encounter that was meant to be…a true Angel sent from above to relay a message from a mother to her two sons…some instructions and a message of love to let us know that she is and always will be with us even though she is not her with us physically. Thank You Lynn for being the conduit to get our Mom’s instructions and message of love to us. We are eternally grateful!!!

Your Friends,
Robert and Christopher Bryant


This past summer I met Lynn at a Holistic Expo. I don’t usually attend these events but a good friend of mine needed to go for a graduate class she was taking. There were several tables set up but for some reason I was drawn to Lynn and was willing to wait to speak with her. During our meeting she focused on my Grandfather who had passed, her statements made me realize that he was truly with me and gave me peace. I was amazed by her insight, She was able to tell me exactly what I needed to hear so badly. At that time she also made mention of the fact that there was something going on with the left side of my chest. I had been having pain in my left breast but as a busy mother of three, I had not seen the doctor. Soon after, I did go in and a mass was found that needed to be removed.

This fall I made a second appointment with Lynn to discuss other events in my life that have been causing me a great deal of grief. She helped me to understand and better deal with those situations. I am forever grateful for Lynn’s spiritual gifts.

Alisa V.
Rochester Hills, MI


Lynn’s psychic gift and ability is infused with gentleness, compassion, integrity, and accuracy. For me, she has brought light into aspects of my life that needed Light. My angelic reading with Lynn has reaffirmed my own intuition/vibes, given me hope in difficult times, and opened/expanded my perception to new possibilities. I have experienced subtle, yet powerful energy shifts after each angel reading.

Love and Light,
Cindy Field
Farmington Hills, MI


Lynn has this gentle way of making you feel so peaceful and comfortable that you can just feel the energy swirling around you. I so appreciate how she shares her gifts in letting you see down the path you are on. The first time I met her, she told me that I should be open to a relationship with my brother, someone I had been looking for years but had never found – but of course I hadn’t told her that! She told me she saw me surrounded by water and a warm climate, and that I’d be a teaching influence on him. Two short months later, I unexpectedly found him online! And, found he had been looking for me for more than two decades. He lives in Greece and I will be seeing him, at his island home, surrounded by water, this April. I have indeed been a teaching influence on him already, showing him how to stay strong and look at life’s joys, not the negative, during very troubled times in Greece. The last time I saw Lynn, she simply held a card I received from a friend in her hands and was able to tell me her gender, age range, that she had two children, and grand kids, the first letter/sound of her name, what the relationship was and other impressions. Amazing! But the greatest gifts Lynn shares are in helping you see how to be open to the possibilities of life and for that I am grateful to her!

Maria Seyrig
Franklin, MI


I was fortunate to meet Lynn through a friend of mine. There was an immediate connection, though I did not know just what it was. During my reading with Lynn, she spoke of an older man in front of me and a young man alongside me.  It took my breath away. My husband had passed three years ago, and my 27 year old son 24 years ago. Can you imagine the wonder I felt as she continued her reading with details about my son Michael that only I would know? She even spoke of flowers .. red roses.. that Michael had given me just before he drowned. I felt his presence, without tears this time. I just smiled. What a comfort for me…  finally.

“From my heart”
Peggy Fura
Oak Park, MI