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Lynn Darmon has been featured in the recently released book “Everyday Oracles” Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us” – by Ann Bolinger-McQuade – (Tarcher/Penguin Press)

Everyday Oracle-Book


Southfield-based psychic’s abilities known worldwide

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Ignite Your Spirit, Nourish Your Soul with Billie Tobin & Karen Schultz

Featuring Lynn Darmon, February 18th, 2013
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Seeing, Hearing, and Feeling the Spirits with Psychic Medium, Lynn Darmon

Metro YOU  | December 2012 | Article by Pam Houghton

Some people are born with a gift of gab; others, the ability to pull off a great party with little advance planning. But, like spunky Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo on TLC, Lynn Darmon says she was born with an unusual gift: receiving messages from people who have passed.

“The impact these messages have on my clients is incredible,” says Lynn. “A woman’s son came through one day. He had drowned a few days after getting engaged but they were never able to retrieve his body. His mother spent a fortune on divers and to have the lake raked. But he provided so many clear details with the wish that his mom stop searching; telling her that he was fine and well on the other side with his father that it was the closure she needed to give up the search.” READ THE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE (will open in new window)


Mother’s Intuition: Michigan Mom Predicted Baby’s Near-Fatal Illness Before Doctors Had a Clue

We’ve all heard of mother’s intuition: when a mom just knows something’s wrong with her kids. But have you ever wondered if there was something more going on? READ THE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE (will open in new window)


Lynn Darmon on ABC 20/20: The Sixth Sense

Lynn Darmon on ABC 20/20

Watch the full ABC 20/20 Episode “The Sixth Sense” with an appearance from Lynn Darmon. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO (will open in a new window)


It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over: Her Psychic Abilities Saved Her Daughter’s Life

Some might call it mother’s intuition, but when Lynn Darmon told doctors that she wasn’t leaving the hospital until they found out what was wrong with her 14-day-old daughter, they were ready to call in a psychiatrist.

“I knew something was wrong from the time I was in my third trimester,” Lynn recalled. “But the doctor told me time and time again that everything was fine. And Ali did appear to be fine when she was born. But I knew even then, that something was coming. And the sense kept getting stronger.” READ THE ARTICLE BY CLICKING HERE (will open in a new window)